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Tune Off is a customizable web extension that filters triggers and sensitive topics that will offer helpful resources if need be.

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Dec. 2021 - Apr. 2022

The topics of mental health, suicide, and other sensitive topics will be discussed. Sensitive and offensive words will be blocked. Please proceed with caution. Thank you.

Goal and Concept

The goal of Tune Off is to create an extension for any web browser that censors words and images for users who feel unsafe browsing the web without a filter. Tune Off will allow users to customize specific topics to their comfort level and offer helpful resources.


Word Menu

* Sensitive and offensive words have been censored for the viewing of this project. The topic of ‘Desserts’ was used as a safe example.

Word Menu - add own topic if not listed.

Filter Setting

Tune Off in Action

Research and Planning

The Meco team first started our research by

What is currently on the market.

Sensitive and offensive words have been blocked but please proceed with caution. Thank you.

< Made to blur out sensitive content “in real time” >
< Last update May 19 2020 >

+ Simple design, direct and easy experience
+ Blurs out content (user will not directly see content)

- It does not work...
- Only six topics (also can’t specify words or topics)

Warn Me!
< Warns you if there are any subjects that need a trigger warning on a webpage>
< Last update Sept. 29 2016 >

+ Simple design, direct and easy experience
+ Gives notification on triggering topics found on page
+ Specific on what is found
+ Can add words that are not listed
+ Long list of options

- The pop-up warning does not grab user attention (I thought it was a Chrome update)
- The warning is a small notification above the page
- Notification is given too late! Content is already exposed, no effort to cover
- Did not give warning to my custom word

/ Gives warning to the topic I did not select

< Filter out words on the internet>
< Last update Mar. 27 2020 >

+ Very detailed process on topics that want to be filtered out
+ Free customize
+ Can toggle on and off easily

- I don’t think it works... (I may have done it incorrectly)
- Not very user-friendly - over complicated
- No indication that it is working in the background

/ Customize which sites can filter out (one at a time)

Advanced Profanity Filter
< Helps to clean up bad language on the websites>
< Last update Mar. 7 2022 >

+ Very detailed process on topics that want to be filtered out
+ Free customize words, replacement, topics, and visual censor
+ Can censor audio! (**On certain websites and only if it has captions)
+ Long list of words + can add words
+ Can filter multiple words at once

- Just for swear words

/ Design can get a bit complicated

What can I take away from this? What do I want for Tune Off?

- Needs to have a clean but inviting design

- Easy and direct user experience

- Long list of topics/words and can add words/topics

- Customize, replaces, and censor words as, please

- Pop up warning for potential triggers

- Warning must protect user first, the proceed if comfortable

- Maybe a blurring concept, covers, etc. - custom by the user

- Can toggle on and off without deleting the program

- Indication that it is running in the background?

- Bleep out offensive words

- Offers safe outside links and resources to those in need

System Map

Low-Fidelity Screens

Final Takeaways + What I Learned

The internet experience is one giant group project, and almost no one is doing their part. If ‘Tune Off’ were to work in real life, then anyone who posts on the internet must do the following; add closed captions, add trigger warnings, and add annotations for files and images. This way, extensions such as ‘Tune Off’ can work more efficiently to find sensitive topics and protect their user. Unfortunately, not every user who posts on the internet does this. Large companies have almost no excuse for avoiding this responsibility, except, of course, for saving money (capitalism).

I am satisfied with how this research and project developed over the year, despite leaving on a negative note. It’s a bit funny how I started off researching the “starving artist” trope and have now landed here. Maybe this is a realization that I tend to find problems more than solutions, but I am okay with that. With advice from my amazing professor, I will look more into ‘sentiment analysis’ and how tech barriers are still very much present.

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